Holistic DIVINE Enlightenment & Bliss for Total TRIUMPH




Let us reach out this Season to every Global Citizen in need whose Fundamental Human Rights are compromised; let us Embrace, Comfort, Support and Love them in our Thoughts, Choices, Meditations, Prayers and Actions.

Let us Come Together as One Family of Global Citizens with the Supreme Holy One Creator ? the Abba Father, binding ourselves in a Communion of Hearts, for this Season and for All times.

May we Give Thanks for a 21st Century and beyond that are Abundantly Blessed, for a Century and Future United in Collective Justice, Security, Stability, Freedoms, Peace with the Guarantee of Fundamental Human Rights for All Global Citizens i.e. Children of the Supreme Holy One Creator Almighty God ? the Source of Priceless, Precious, Irreplaceable Gift of Life.

Let us carry forward the Joy of the Season?s Holy Spirit as the Guiding Star of our Lifestyles, Actions and Efforts throughout the 21st Century onwards.

And as we witness another Season of the Holy One, may all the youthful across All 5 Continents, hope for the inheritance of a healthy legacy of a Sustainable Ethical Planet Earth, glorify the Supreme Creator One Almighty God, in chorus with a host of Angels singing Holy, Holy, Holy before His Majestic Throne.

Best of the Season's Greetings& the Supreme Holy Creator God bless you all. 



Koku Foli Dzordzi Adomdza HRH